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When you look at all the food you have stashed away for an emergency, most of us have the staples – flour, beans, freeze dried or dehydrated veggies, pasta, rice – but what do you have in the way of comfort foods?  While six months of the above will keep you surviving, it does get very monotonous.  Especially if you have kids, it does make sense to have a few treat foods to be amongst your basic survival food stocks that you can bring out.

A lot of parents store boxes of Kraft macaroni & cheese, or a generic version of the same.  Others have just-add-water cake mixes or some special dried fruit, such as dried canteloupe or pineapple, rather than the usual dried apples and banana chips that most survival food stores contain.  For me, my special comfort food is the generic brand of instant vanilla latte, which I would probably use at half or quarter strength to stretch out over time, although the latte mix was extremely cheap and makes a ton of cups per bag.    For others, it might be a favorite brand of spaghetti sauce, some hidden chocolate chip granola bars, peanut butter M&Ms, favorite Crystal Light or Gatorade flavors, etc.

Make sure you don’t eat all those favorite comfort foods in the first week or two of the emergency situation, unless it looks like the issue will be over with by that time, such as an earthquake or natural disaster where aid can reach you within the first week or two of the disaster.  But if there is an EMP attack or something that looks as though you will have to provide for yourself for quite some time, you want to make sure you spread those comfort foods out to once a month, when your group is feeling depressed or lethargic over an incident that happened or as a reward for something.

If you keep your survival food out in the open, such as on shelves in your garage, it can be pretty tempting for family members to just go and grab one and make it or eat it… while you might think in terms of a disaster could occur today, others have the mentality of “oh, we have plenty of time to replace that”, or even worse, not tell you they invaded your secret survival stash of treat food until you discover it in a real emergency.  If this happens, or could likely happen, to your food stash, hide your secret stash of comfort foods in boxes for other products – you can guarantee your husband won’t be opening your Costco size box of Super Plus tampons, where you have secretly stashed those chocolate chip granola bars or look in the plastic tub of blankets where you have hidden a couple cases of mac n cheese underneath.

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