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  1. hawkeyes says:

    Battery powered things. DO NOT leave the batteries installed in those things that use them. i.e., Flashlights, radios, etc. Batteries left installed will eventually ‘weep’. These chemicals will corrode any metal parts they touch. The better idea is to vacuum seal the batteries in the quantities needed. If you have a generic LED flashlight that uses three AAA batteries, take them out and put into a sealing bag, vacuum and seal. A Food Saver bag works quite well. If you have more batteries you want to take with you or store at home, seal them as they are needed. This means for those things that need two AA batteries, seal two AA batteries vs. ten. That way you are opening up only the quantity that is needed. If the sealed batteries start to weep, they will only contaminate those that are in the bag, not the whole group they are stored with or other things nearby.

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