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Making sure your dog has a year’s supply of dog food can be hard to do.  Dog food is very high in fat, so it tends to go rancid much quicker than most of the types of food that people store for emergencies.  Here are some tips to make sure your pet has a supply of food.

Shop for best before dates
You want to make sure you get dog food with the furthest away best before date.  The pet food companies will know how long their food will safely last for, so provided you are storing the food properly, you know the food will last that long.  You will want to make sure that you purchase your food from a store with a high turnover, since they will have the best dates.  And always make sure you check the bags at the back of the shelf, most stores will rotate stock so the ones with the earlier best before dates will be at the front.

Rotate your bags of food
Just like stores do, rotate your dog food as well.  When you purchase a new one, take the bag with the closest best before date to open and use next.

Buy your regular brand of dog food
Some people recommend storing the cheapest food for pets, but the last thing you want in an emergency is a dog with dietary indiscretion if you are fighting for survival.  It might be cheaper but you will have to throw it out and replace in a year or so.  So just rotate your dog food every time you buy new bags.

Supplement with canned
Canned dog food tends to last longer, and can be easily mixed in with dry food so that you can extend the length of time you will have dog food available.

Use cat food instead of dog food
Cat food tends to have more protein and calories for the same amount of dog food.  And because canned cat food is more common, you can often get much better deals on canned cat food and better best before dates in order to stockpile food for your dogs.

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