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The last thing you want when an emergency hits is to discover you have a large quantity of expired food.  I keep a careful tally of what I have, both on my computer and in a handwritten version, because my computer might not always be accessible in an emergency.

I keep a log of all my food stores using this worksheet:

I then can quickly jot it down when I either go shopping for my food stock, or write it down as I unpack groceries, and then I can pop it into a spreadsheet later.    I change the date bought column to date expired.

Google Docs is also a great way to keep track, since it is kept online and you can access it from any computer, and there is a mobile app version, so if you see that great deal on something but can’t remember how much you have of it in your supply already, you can quickly check online.

Here are some other links on how others are keeping track of their own food supplies:


  1. Judy says:

    Thank you so much! I’ve been looking for a chart to keep track. I am not great at creating that sort of thing on my computer. There are some things that are expired that I will go ahead and use. It depends on the product. If it is a pharmecutical item, I’m always leary that the compounds may have changed and won’t do what they are supposed to do. Even bandaids that are expired get all gooey and won’t stick. One bad thing about keeping a car survival kit in this summer heat! Your granola bars melt, medicines/ointments melt and run, even if you keep your kit where you can carry it in and out all the time…you still leave it in the car for a couple of hours in this heat while out shopping and stuff is ruined. How do you fix that? Sorry…got off on a rabbit chase :( Thanks again!!

    • Survival Chick says:

      I have been told that latex-free ones don’t get as gummy in the heat, but I haven’t tested this. I have the spray Polysporin in the car, and it has been used and I didn’t notice anything off about it. I have kept non-chocolate granola bars in the car, and they have been fine, might just be a problem with the chocolate melting? Maybe I will toss one of the chocolate chip ones in the car and see how it is after a few days in the heat :)