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This is a great way to create your own emergency sewing kit, but without it being packed into a tiny little space, such as the usual tiny emergency sewing kit to see. While this isn’t necessarily the kit you want for your bug out bag, this is a great way of having sewing supplies in a convenient and organized fashion for your by the location.

Simply take a binder, add some old punch card stock for putting pins and needles on, and add some pouches to include sewing thread. It is worth noting that most emergency sewing kits include very small amounts of thread, about the amount you need to fix a hem or sew on a single button, but nothing to do need to repair jobs that you really want to have for a SHTF situation.  Seriously, you cannot have too much thread or too many needles.  They will be next to impossible to obtain in a SHTF situation.

Need to know what should be in your emergency kit?  Here is our list for all the things you should have in your emergency sewing kit.

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