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Something I have in my Bug Out Bag that numerous people have commented on as being a great idea is Bungee Cords. You can use them to secure things to the outside of your BOB, to use with a tarp for shelter, to wrap around the ankles if your pants if you are concerned about bugs going up your pants leg,

I bought a huge multi-pack of bungee cords that came in its own plastic container (similar to the one shown), so they wouldn’t get strewn about – the colors in mine were a bit more neutral, like dark green and black.

This is one area I did go for the highest quality ones, since they have so many uses, and I was worried with how flimsy the ends looked on some of the cheaper or dollar store brands, I bought these from a building supply store.  I opted for the metal ends instead of the more breakable plastic ends.  I then selected ten of various lengths, put them in a freezer ziploc bag to keep them from tangling and getting lose in my BOB.

If you have a specific job for a longer length bungee cord, you can also purchase bungee cord in bulk in whatever length you want, and then you just put the ends onto the bungee cord itself – the sales people at the building supply store can help you out!

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